In 2016 there has been a great deal of sadness and disappointment in the world and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the good things that are all around us.

Over the year many inspiring people have gone out of their way to change the lives of animals in pain and suffering.

Here are 15 amazing stories showing the eternal bond between animals and humans.

1. Bachelor Party Adopt Stray Puppies


Whilst on his bachelor party in a Tennessee woods, Mitchel Craddock and his seven friend came across a stray dog who they could just not shake. Eventually the guys followed the distressed dog and they were shocked to see seven adorable puppies hidden in a hole in the ground. After spending their weekend, which was supposed to be beer fuelled, cleaning and caring for the puppies, all of the guys decided to take one dog each and give it a new home. What makes the story even better is that all of the doggy family live within 5 miles of each other so regularly meet up! Read the full story here.

2. Pit Bull Puppy GetsĀ Adopted By His Rescuer


This is the heartwarming story of Mojo, the three-month-old puppy who’s future looked bleak. He was suffering from a severe form of mange. He ended up in a animal hospital after a kind man named Wagner, took him from his family to try and get him treated. Despite getting a bit better, nobody wanted to adopt Mojo. Luckily Wagner returned to adopt the pup and gave him the forever home he desperately needed. Read the full story here.