4. Devoted Dog Lovers Create Bucket List For Their Dying Puppy


Lily the golden retriever was sent to earth with very little time. When she was born she was diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease – but her loving owners, Corryn and Alex, decided to let this little pup live her short life to the fullest and made her a bucket list. The list included learning to surf, falling in love and having a ‘puppuccino’ however there was a constant uncertainty of when Lily’s days would be over as pups with the disease can live for a few months or up to a year. Lily really lived life to the full, read her full story here.

5. Anxious Goat Is Cured When Wearing His Duck Costume


Polly the goat became a huge inspiration for both animals and humans that suffer from anxiety earlier this year. Polly is blind and suffer from other neurological problems that get in the way of her living a normal goat life, as a consequence she was nervous. Then one day her human spotted an adorable children’s duck costume and thought that one of her rescue goats would enjoy wearing it, even Polly. As soon as Polly put on the outfit she was transformed and became much calmer. This was just the beginning for the tiny goat, read the rest of her story here.