My, my, my! Where has the time gone? It seems as though January 2016 was yesterday. Now, we’re graced with beautifully decorated stores, streets, and homes – all in preparation for the wonderful Christmas season.

But humans aren’t the only ones who are excited about Christmas. These pets seem to be extremely jolly and expressive this time of year.

See these 15 animals that are basically all of us around this time of year.

1. Snow?

When you weren’t expecting snow on Christmas, yet it surprises you on the day.

2. Single Over Christmas

As much as you’d love to have a partner during the cold months, especially over Christmas for fancy events and end-of-year parties, you’re single AF. Regardless, you’re cheerful and festive.

3. Why Me?

Your aunt or great grandmother buys you a ridiculous sweater, hat or scarf for Christmas and you have to spend the entire day wearing it. What an absolute drag.