It doesn’t take much to please your pup – long walks, tasty treats and belly rubs are just a few of the ways you can make their tail wag today.

But if you wanted to take that extra step to improve their daily lives, then you’ll want to take a look at these 18 incredible products.

From treat-dispensing cameras that allow you to talk to your pup whilst you’re out of the house, to items that are so easy to use that they can work it themselves, you and your pup are bound to find something you both love on this list.

1. A paw-activated water fountain


Your dog wont have any excuse to drink out of the bird bath ever again with this paw-activated water fountain.

2. A smart doggie door that’s just for your pooch


Never worry about a surprise visitor again with this smart dog flap. The door will only open for pets who have the matching electronic key (that’s easily attached to their collar), so your neighbours cat won’t be popping in by accident anymore.

3. A patch of grass that lets your dog do its business whenever it wants.


Although venturing outside to get some fresh air is always the best option, there might be the odd occasion when your pup can’t go outside. Whether they’re potty training puppies, senior dogs that can’t control their bladder or coy canines that don’t like going outside when it’s raining, the Fresh Patch is the perfect solution.