Cats are an enigma – one minute they love you and won’t leave you alone for fuss and the next minute they’re breaking things and plotting to kill you: and that is why we love them!

Well, it seems that these cats were feeling mischievous but their sneaky antics didn’t pay off because they were hilariously caught in the act.

Check out the moment that these cat thieves were seriously busted…

1. Catch Of The Day

Image Source: imgur/dumpeedumpeedump

This little boy is about to have his thunder stolen as well as his fish by this hilarious cat.

2. Fridge Raider

Image Source: BrainParking

When that fridge light came on this kitty knew it was game over – and it hadn’t even started on all of the delicious snacks yet!

3. Getting That Dollar…

Image Source: YouTube/Videos Para RIR

This smart cat knows that the real way to get what it wants is to become rich.