We’ve all been there as kids, you ask your dad for a puppy and they continue to shut you down regardless of how much you want a pooch of your own.

Well, if you were lucky enough to break through the barrier of continuous “NO”‘s and got yourself a pup – it won’t be long until your reluctant dad doesn’t just come around to the idea of a dog in the house – they will in fact, become¬†your¬†dog’s best friend.

Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise us if these dads loved their pooches more than their own children…

1. No More Dogs

Image Source: Twitter/haleigh

Image Source: Twitter/haleigh

This dad needs to give up the act that he doesn’t want any pooches in the house since he was determined not to have one in the first place and actually ended up having two! He seems to be loving those doggy kisses a little too much too if he “doesn’t like dogs.”