Did you know that the vast majority of life to ever exist on Earth is already extinct?

That’s millions of different species existing on this planet all vanishing, before you even took your first breath.

With human interaction and climate change making a huge impact on the environment, animals are dying out at an alarming rate. Yet just because a species is supposedly “extinct”, doesn’t mean we won’t ever see it again.

That’s right, here are 21 animals that defeated all odds and reappeared to live another day.

Pinocchio Lizard

It’s not hard to see why this creature is named the Pinocchio Lizard. Its distinctive nose and coloured body was believed to be extinct for 50 years, and then it was rediscovered in 2005, deep in the cloud forests of Ecuador by a birder who saw it crossing a road.

Eastern Quoll

This rather elusive marsupial, which was believed to have become extinct from mainland Australian over 50 years ago, was recently rediscovered in New South Wales, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. They started out widespread across Tasmania but were eradicated from larger Australia after the introduction of red foxes. They were last spotted alive around Sydney in 1963, but one person discovered one in 1989 and had it stuffed – it was later found in 2016.