In Santa Barbara, California, there is a selfless and thoughtful gentleman with the philosophy that, “We humans cannot solve so many big problems — but we can solve little ones.”

It is this philosophy that helped him realise his dream of wanting to treat adorable kitties with love and respect. For that reason, he literally turned his home into a dream house for cats.

Read the story and see the cool pictures, here.

1. Peter Cohen

Pictured, is Peter Cohen –  a man who lives in a stunning home along with 22 rescue cats. Not just that, but he’s also turned his home in an almost play-pen for his lovely kitties.

2. 22 Cats

Who are these 22 cuties? Well, their names are MiniBean, Smokey, Vanilla, Mango, The Professor, Mikan, Climber, Blackbird, Jupiter Jones, Smudge, Nugget, Nutter, Butter, Crumple, Rumple, Cookie Monster, Secret, CoffeeBean, Donut, Cheesecake, Chocolate and Poppyseed.

3. Lucky Cats

And lucky for these kitties, Peter just so happens to be a contractor by profession. Which is why he decided to turn his house into a dream home for his 22 cats.