Getting a dog comes with great responsibility – they like to eat a lot, be walked a lot and can also cost a lot too.

However it turns out some breeds are just super lazy and would rather curl up in their baskets than go for long walk, making them perfect for people with busy schedules.

Here are 25 dog breeds that will chill at any opportunity.


The bolognese are tiny toy dogs that don’t get much bigger than 10lbs. They love companionship and don’t take a whole lot of walking. A small walk every day would be ideal for the fluffy dogs.



A short walk and then a snooze on the sofa is a bulldogs dream day. While this breed is lazy, they are very prone to putting on weight so a good diet is key.

Basset Hound

The little legs of a Basset Hound don’t allow it to walk to very long distances, however they do love short walks followed by lots of rest.