Despite the trade being illegal in most parts of the world, Slow Lorises are still being trafficked for the pet trade in huge numbers. The problem is particularly bad in Indonesia.

It’s a huge headache for authorities across South East Asia, where the trade is booming despite international treaties being signed and harsh government crackdowns. Unfortunately, with such a large area to cover, the enforcement agencies across this vast area of the world have yet to get a grip on the trade, though it is hoped that one day they will.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Thanks to the efforts of local law enforcement agencies and an international charity specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of some of the planet’s most endangered creatures, a group of Slow Lorises were recently rescued in Indonesia. This is the story of the two youngest members of that group …

Meet Pasar and Warung. They’re a pair of Slow Lorises who their rescuers estimate to be between six and eight weeks old. The pair were snatched from their mothers in the rain forest and were destined for the illegal pet trade until they were rescued recently.

Pasar and Warung were incredibly dehydrated when they were rescued. The traffickers had also cruelly filed their teeth down to prevent the pair from biting their captors. This causes the poor creatures tremendous pain.

Slow Lorises have a bite that contains a poison that can be fatal to humans. With no regard for the animals’ health or mental well-being, the traffickers file down their teeth to prevent the poison entering their systems if they are bitten.