The best thing about having a dog, aside from the life-long love and companionship, is their entertaining ways. We can all agree that our pets do the funniest things and never fail to keep us amused.

Now that summer’s finally here we will all be hoping to spend most of our time sunning ourselves by the pool, and the same goes for our furry family members too.

Cody the Labrador, from Pennsylvania, was caught on camera by his owner Tina Conrad enjoying some time in the family’s pool.

The hilarious footage shows the adorable pup swimming in the water, looking like he’s putting in a lot of work to stay afloat.

Yet the cute dog suddenly realises mid-swim that he can in fact touch the floor of the swimming pool, meaning there was no need to be frantically treading water in the first place. He stops his impressive swimming strokes and stands totally still looking almost guilty at his discovery.

We think Cody can cancel those swimming lessons now! The video has been watched over 200,000 times, proving the Labrador’s human ability is a hit with animal lovers on the internet.

We wonder if he has anymore pool tricks up his sleeve. Watch the adorable moment below: