As part of a series of wildlife pictures, one photographer got more than she bargained for when she set out for a day of shooting.

Samantha Wilson couldn’t believe her luck when she caught a giant whale shark swimming next to a snorkeler on camera.

The incredible underwater shot really showed the sheer difference in size between the woman and the whale, making for a remarkable piece of photography.


However, remarkably neither party was too alarmed to be beside one another – which only made the image even more amazing.

Whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet long which, to put things into perspective, is the same size as your average bus. So, it is safe to say the majority of us would be pretty intimidated to be in this situation.

While this particular shark wasn’t quite a large as this, it is safe to say it is still extremely bigger than the lone snorkeler. Nevertheless, she remained calm throughout the entire experience and continued to swim beside the magnificent giant.


Along with this magical shot, Wilson complied the rest of her collection from the same trip and turned it into a paperback, ‘Ultimate Wildlife Destinations’, which is now available to buy for $29.99 from most major Australian book retailers.

From flamingos frolicking in shallow waters in the Chilean Atacama Desert to kangaroos grazing on the aptly named Kangaroo Island, the book aims to ‘take readers on a journey across oceans and polar ice caps, rainforests and mountain peaks in search of the most astounding creatures on the planet’.

If this breathtaking image is anything to go by, the book is set to be a must-read.