Forget about labradors, beagles and bulldogs there is a new dog breed on the block and it is cuter than any other pooch by a mile.

May we introduce to you the adorable Pumi. The American Kennel Club announced this week that they are officially recognising these irresistible fluff balls as the world’s 190th dog breed.

According to AKC, the Pumi is an energetic and lively breed originating in Hungary.

While the breed has actually been around in Europe for quite some time, it has only recently started making an appearance in the U.S.

Now that the Pumi has been officially recognised as a breed by the AKC, Pumis will finally be able to compete in national dog shows.

Not to mention, now that their cute snouts have been propelled into the limelight, we are confident they will become the world’s next ‘must-have’ pet pooch.

To show you that the Pumi well and truly deserves this new status, here are a few snaps of them looking utterly irresistible.

Meet the Pumi


If you have yet to come across one of these adorable pooches, it is about time you got a proper sense of their cuteness.



Their fine fluffy coats can get pretty windswept during playtime, making them look even more adorable.