Wombat the pig knew her fate and knew she was the only one who could control it.

She was on a truck, packed alongside other pigs, heading to the slaughterhouse.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

The truck was hurtling down a West Australian highway when the 4-month-old pig decided to squeeze through the bars and tumble onto the wide open road.

The people driving behind saw the little pig fly out, slammed on their brakes and pulled over.

Amazingly the tiny piglet was still alive.

The people who helped her took her to Mandurah Wildlife Rescue, a veterinary hospital and rehab centre. Wombat had some serious injuries – a fractured snout and eye socket, as well as severe internal bleeding.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

During her first night in care, Wombat was given constant attention – but she almost died.

Being the fighter that she is, Wombat pulled through and slowly healed over the next two months.

Not only did she get better, but she also got bigger. When she first arrived at the rescue centre, Wombat weighed a tiny 6lbs. But by the time she moved to her forever home at Greener Pastures Sanctuary, Wombat was over 88 pounds.

While Wombat is now full grown, she will always have a crooked snout and jaw, as well as a scar on her chin. But this will remind her of the amazing chance she took and how it paid off.

Wombat now has a loving family.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

“She is the sweetest, most gentle pig you could hope to meet,” Rachael Parker, the sanctuary’s founder explained. “She is our go-to piggy when we have kids, elderly people or people with disabilities come to visit. She loves a belly rub and will come waddling over to whoever enters her paddock and will flop down onto her side asking for one. She often lies down and my kids will lay on her cuddling and kissing her for ages. She would lay there all day I think!”

“My favourite thing about her is her wonky nose and the way her tongue flops out when she sleeps,” Parker added.

Since moving to the sanctuary, Wombat has made a best friend, a “mini-pig” called Freckle.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

Sadly Freckle was starved by her previous owner to stunt her growth before she was rescued – but now Freckle and Wombat are the best of friends.

While Wombat is special to Parker, she points out that all pigs deserve the right to life.

“Wombat is every pig,” she said. “She is no different to any pig on any truck. She just took a leap of faith and lived to tell the tale. They all want to live and they all want to be loved and I dare say they all know that nothing good comes to them at the end of that truck journey.”