The Basset Hound is a rather peculiar-looking breed of dog, but there’s a good reason they look the way they do. Basset Hounds were originally bred for hunting hares, and their distinctively flappy skin and long trailing ears were bred that way because they help trap the scents the dog follow and deliver it straight up a Basset’s extraordinary nose. Far from being a nuisance, the dog’s ears and skin are a help when doing the job it was designed to do as opposed to a hindrance.

As a consequence of all this loose skin and long dangly ears, Bassets also look beyond adorable. Their dangling facial skin often makes them look very sad, which makes people love them even more. In reality, a Basset is a cheerful little fellow that makes an ideal family pet.

Also, don’t be fooled by those stumpy little legs. Basset Hounds are extremely long dogs, which means they can easily reach up and steal things from surfaces thanks to their length. Indeed, they have the longest reach of any dog of the same height. If you’re considering giving one a forever home, be warned! When it comes to the Basset Hound, looks really can be deceiving!

Another adorable feature of these charming little dogs is how utterly hilarious they look when they’re scampering along on their stumpy little legs. And there’s one particular pack of Basset Hounds who’ve taken looking goofy when running along to dizzy new heights, as the following hilarious photos will show …

Russian photographer Ksenia Raykova (pictured above) has always had a love for dogs. She’s been taking photographs of them since she was fourteen-years-old. She has a particular fondness for Basset Hounds. It’s not hard to see why!

Ksenia loves to take photos of Basset Hounds because they’re so lovably photogenic. In particular she enjoys photographing them as they’re gamboling along. Thanks to their flappy skin and long ears, these charming little critters look absolutely hilarious as they bound along on their stubby little legs!