Shocking footage has emerged showing a captive monkey desperately trying to escape from the bars of his tiny cage.

Lulu is a 4-year-old macaque who has spent his life living in a rowdy tourist bar in Bali, Indonesia.

However, his luck changed earlier this year thanks to a kind-hearted tourist.



He first came to the attention of Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) in 2016, when they received the following message:

“Hello there, I am an Australian tourist,” an anonymous person wrote to BAWA in an email in August. “I love Bali and I come here all the time. I have walked several times past a bar called The Twisted Monkey. They have a monkey in a cage who is kept in there day and night and it is so distressing to watch. He has nothing in the metal cage. I am worried about his welfare and wondered if there was something that could be done.”


Following this message, BAWA received various other messages about The Twisted Monkey bar via Facebook, with some people suggesting the bar staff were feeding the monkey drugs.

While there was no proof in this claim, The Twisted Monkey was known as a “drug den” that would sell hallucinogenic drugs to tourists.