This is Hiro – the miracle cat that got a second chance at life.

A year ago a woman in Alberta, Canada was taking out the trash when she stumbled across a large backpack in the garbage can.

After taking a closer look she realised there was something moving inside.

She carefully opened the backpack and was shocked to discover yet another bag inside.

After taking the bag inside, her and her partner untied both bags and couldn’t believe what they’re eyes were seeing.

Inside was a cat that was in a pretty bad way.

She knew the cat needed immediate medical attention so she sought help from the Alberta Animal Services and within minutes they arrived to collect the cat to give him emergency care.

No one knows how long Hiro was in the bag but there was no doubting that he had been through unthinkable trauma and had suffered injuries and starvation.

Hiro’s condition was so bad no one was sure whether he would make it through the night – but they refused to give up on the helpless creature.

The ginger kitty made it through the first night, then the second and the third. He was finally getting his life back – he was a true fighter.

After just one week at Alberta Animal Services, Hiro was a different cat. He had clear eyes and had regained a lot of strength.

While he was still a bit shaky on his legs, he was determined to make it on to all four paws.

He wanted to walk up to his rescuers and give them snuggles.

“He is so affectionate despite all that he has gone through. As soon as he hears or sees the animal nurses he starts purring and demands cuddles,” Alberta Animal Services said.

Hiro loves head scratches and lots of love.

Weeks went by and each and every caregiver was surprised at how much Hiro’s health had improved.

He was given surgery to repair his hips at an animal hospital and shortly after that, he bounced back and started running around and playing – he was a kitten all over again.

Hiro was now living in a foster home and getting stronger each day. Two months later – he had made a full recovery.

Finally, the cat who had become a miracle, was ready to live the rest of his feline life.

Alberta Animal Services cried tears of joy when they saw the ginger cat off to his new home.

After strict screening and home visits we picked an amazing family who will give Hiro the best life filled with love, kindness and future care,” the rescue said.

Hiro’s new family also donated money to go towards 25% of the next 10 feline adoption fees in a way of saying thank-you to the community that saved Hiro’s little life.

May of 2017 marked the one year anniversary of Hiro’s rescue – and boy had he come a long way.

“Together we got Hiro through hell and back. He spent 50 days in our care and against all odds he survived his injuries,” the rescue said.

Hiro finally had the home he deserves where he will be loved forever!

If you want to help cats like Hiro, you can support them here.