Wherever there are people, there will be pets. And that rule applies right at the very top of society just as much as it does to the bottom. From George Washington onward, there has been a wide variety of animals sharing the White House with the most powerful man in the world and his family, and it’s a tradition that still lives on today.

Dogs, cats, snakes, horses, guinea pigs, gerbils, even a bear has lived in the White House over the years, and with the announcement by President-Elect Trump that he won’t be breaking with the tradition, the patter of paws on the opulent floorboards and carpets of the most famous house in the world looks set to be a feature for many years to come.

Let’s take a wander down memory lane and see what pets some of our most recent Presidents have shared their homes with, starting, of course, with the adorable little guy who’s soon going to be settling in under the desk in the Oval Office …

President-elect Trump’s new companion is this lovely little Goldendoodle named Patton. Named after the infamous World War II General, this scruffy little tearaway will take up residence in the White House next year when Trump and his family move in.