It is every pet owner’s worst nightmare if your beloved fluffy friend goes missing, and for the owners of this adorable chihuahua, they had no closure as to where their pooch had ended up for four long years.

We assume that missing pets have been stolen or have simply been found with no chip to locate the owner.

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Well, the story of Chiquito the chihuahua was a lot different. The pooch went missing from his Chicago home in 2012 after his owner, Gloria Martinez, left the garage door open at her daughters 14th birthday party; and Chiquito shot straight out.

Gloria said:

“It was late in the evening, and I let him out because most of our guests were gone already.

The garage door was open. It was my fault. My daughter hated me for awhile.”

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The family posted dozens of flyers and even advertised a reward for the dog’s return, but it was useless. The Chicago mother stated that she and her family feared that they would never see their beloved pet again, but it seems that Chiquito was always destined to go back to them…

When the Chicago police from the Calumet district received a call On Tuesday night from people who saw a dog ‘wandering the streets and were worried for its safety’ Gloria longed for the poor pooch to be identified as Chiquito.

Luckily, the animal welfare team the little Chihuahua was handed over to were able to identify the microchip and read the location as the Martinez’s.

The family received a call from the police later that night stating that the dog was small with brown and white fur to which the Martinez’s knew straight away that Chiquito had been found.

The date of his return almost marks the exact date of his disappearance which means Gloria’s daughter was in for an incredible surprise.

She stated: ‘This is the perfect birthday gift for my daughter’.

We can only hope that more pet owners will make sure their beloved pooches and kitties are microchipped, because, even though it took four years for Chiquito to be reunited with his family – if it hadn’t been for the chip, he may have ended up in the pound.

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So, whether your pet is new or you’ve had it years, make sure you book in to get them microchipped for their safety and for your own sanity!