It turns out that Netflix and chill isn’t just for humans – dogs love it just as much, apparently.

While most pups spend their days chasing sticks and running around in circles, Chiko the Shiba Inu channels his inner human and enjoys nothing more than watching his favourite shows.

His owner Olesia Kuzmychova revealed that her pampered pooch’s TV-watching habit started right after she adopted him.

She also pointed out that Chiko’s human-like tendencies are not forced by anyone for the sake of making funny videos — they’re remarkably his own instincts.

“One time, I was watching Netflix with him and after a few minutes he sat up and put [two] legs downwards like a human,” Kuzmychova said.

Just like how many of us spend hours on end watching and re-watching the best shows that Netflix has to offer, Chiko’s favourite activity is snuggling up in bed with his laptop and having a serious binge.

Kuzmychova realised how bizarre her dog’s behaviour was and couldn’t resist sharing his TV addiction with the rest of the world.

Since starting up a YouTube channel dedicated to Chiko’s Netflix marathons, this little pup has built up quite the following.

Fans across the world are amazed by this adorable canine’s love for the online streaming site and many of them admit that they can’t help but relate to Chiko’s love for watching TV all night long.

Not to mention, as if he couldn’t get any cuter, he loves curling up in his favourite hoodie and fuzzy blanket while catching up on cartoons.

If, like us, you have fallen head over heels in love with this super cool pooch then look out for more chilled out Chiko videos here.