After falling from its nest and being unable to fly, this condor was stuck on the ground.

Unable to get back to its mother, things weren’t looking good for the survival of this helpless animal.

Thankfully, Edgardo, a man who lives in Argentina, was walking nearby and discovered the chick.

Refusing to leave it, according to Edgardo’s cousins, he felt sorry for the chick and decided to look after it.

After some TLC, the condor was nursed back to health, learnt how to fly and was able to return to its normal life thanks to this kindhearted man – and that was when their beautiful friendship began.

Although condors look intimidating due to their sheer size – they’re the largest bird in North America, second only to the wandering albatross in terms of wingspan across all living flying birds – Edgardo welcomed the bird with open arms when it returned to see him.

Video footage has been shared online by Edgardo’s cousin which captured the reunion between the man and bird.

The condor is seen walking up to its rescuer and nuzzling him with affection.

Clearly elated to see him, Edgardo greets the condor saying: ‘Hey, how are you, it’s been so long, you came back to say hi. Hey Loco, how are you eh? You’ve returned.’

During the 1:34 video, the bond between the pair is undeniable.

Though no one knows how far the bird travelled to return and thank the rescuer they will clearly never forget, according to locals in the area, the bird is said to frequently made the journey to return and visit the man.

The heartwarming clip has been viewed thousands of times on various social media sites.

Viewers have been stunned by the friendship, commenting:

‘Beautiful! How lovely! It is incredible that the wildest animals give us evidence of love.’ – Monica Chiappalone

They say if you love something then you should let it go, and if it truly loves you back then it will one day return. Well it looks like Edgardo and the condor have created an unbreakable, magical bond that will outlast many human friendships for years to come.