In early November 2016, the Austin, Texas Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Division received a report of a dead dog found in a crate at a busy intersection.

And when the officers arrived, they found what appeared to be a deceased dog, but what happens next is incredible.


The poor pooch was severely emaciated, with her ribs and bones protruding.

But on a closer look, Officer Ewa Wagner thought she saw the dogs rib cage move up and down.


“We realized [the dog] was alive, but just barely, so we rushed her to the Austin Animal Center where vets began emergency treatment,” Officer Wagner explained.

“Her temperature was too low to even register on a thermometer and she wasn’t moving at all. We didn’t think there was any way she would survive.”

The Boston Terrier mix was estimated to be around 1-years-old and weighted only 9.5 pounds.