This is Petro – a pup who was found wandering alone in the streets of Argentina while covered head to paw in thick, black tar.

The tar covered the dogs fur, nose, eyes and mouth – but luckily he was spotted by two local men whilst he was wandering through the capital of the Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.

The two men did their best to help the unfortunate animal and lead him towards the local vets where local animal rescue centre Zoonosis Lanus were called to the scene.

The rescuers had never seen anything like this so they decided to put him in a bath whilst they searched the internet for guidance on how to clean the pup up.

The volunteers were not confident that the tar would ever be able to be removed from Petro’s fur completely – but five hours later, after a tonne of dedication, compassion and persistence, Petro was free from the sticky mess he was in – his brown fur was finally visible.

One of the volunteers, Myriam Ortellado, said: “We bought a lot of things, we watched tutorials on the Internet, and we were trying and checking all the products and their results.

“Firstly, it was impossible to clean it, and then we started using oil and step by step it worked, but we used five litres of oil.”

The staff at Zoonosis Lanus animal shelter decided to carry on working with the pooch for a further 24 hours – they wanted to make him as comfortable as possible.

It was while they were giving him food, water and medicine that they decided to name the unlucky dog “Petro” – Spanish for petrol.

It is thought that Petro was thrown into a pool of some kind as he was completely covered in the sticky substance – but it is unlikely that the criminals will ever be caught.

Ms Ortellado took to Facebook to explain that Petro still remains in a ‘risky’ position because of how much tar he had ingested.

She added: “The positive thing is that he is in good spirits”.

Zoo Lanus have released a statement saying the dog is getting better by the day.

Petro’s story has since gone viral, with the world wanting to hear more about the lucky dog’s recovery.

You can follow his journey on the Zoonosis Lanus Facebook page.