Imagine one day you’re strolling down the road in your neighbourhood when something catches your eye. You look to the left and see a dog on the roof!

What’s it doing up there? Is it safe? Do the owners know?

These are all questions that numerous people have asked after seeing this golden retriever.

Don’t worry, the dog is safe. In fact, this brave pooch jumps onto the roof itself to hang out.

The golden retriever named Huckleberry has caused quite a stir in his hometown of Austin, Texas and gained a huge following on social media after people started posting about their encounter with the watchful pup.

Sarafina Nance, who lives in the neighborhood, said she’ll never forget the first time she laid eyes on Huck, or rather, when he laid eyes on her, peering down from his perch.

“I was on a walk with my puppy, and we were a couple blocks away from my apartment, and my puppy kept pulling on the leash and looking up,” Nance told ABC News. “And I finally looked up, and I saw this dog looking down on me from this roof.”

Nance was as concerned as most passerby’s would be, and so she approached the front door to see if anyone was home.

“I went to the door, about to ring the doorbell, and I looked to the left and saw this sign,” she said. “And I was like, ‘OK, I guess everything’s fine.’”

Sarafina Nance

Huck’s owners, Allie Burnitt and Justin Lindenmuth, are so used to people being alarmed by their dog’s roof antics that they decided to post a kind note on their door explaining that it’s totally normal and they’re more than welcome to take pictures to share Huckleberry with the world.

Of course you’re wondering how Huck gets up there: “There is about a 2 1/2 to 3 foot clearance between a hill in our backyard and the roof over our house,” Burnitt explained. “We wondered when he would figure it out. It took him about six months to figure out the roof was an extension of his backyard. He now goes up every single time we let him outside.”

His owners explain in the sign that they “never leave him in the backyard without someone being at home.”

“He’s all good. He’s just up there looking out,” Nance said. “He’s so content sitting there. He’s awesome.”

Burnitt and Lindenmuth have dubbed their 5-year-old pup the official greeter at their house.

“He loves people, and I think he just loves watching over our house and meeting his neighbors,” Burnitt said. “The official motto here in Austin is ‘Keep Austin weird.’ Huck is definitely playing his part. We love how much joy our sweet pup is spreading.”

Keep doing you, Huckleberry.