Meet Davos, an energetic Bernese mountain dog who is putting his passion to good use.

Davos has a special talent for tracking down and retrieving things. Whilst most people would entertain him with a tennis ball, Davos and his owner Al Cooper have thought of a much more creative and kind way to put his talents towards an amazing cause.

Cooper loves to golf (regardless of him admitting he’s not the best player) and for the past few years, he’s been taking his best friend along with him to his local course in Minnesota.

He found that any time he hits the ball out of sight or into the rough, his trusted canine caddy Davos was happy to retrieve it for him – in return for a treat, of course. Not only did he hunt for Cooper’s balls, but he also started bringing back other lost balls from previous players.

In fact, Davos found so many other balls that they had a grand idea.

After seeing an ASPCA commercial about neglected animals, Cooper realised he could sell the extra golf balls in order to raise money for the Animal Humane Society.

“He’d just cry his little heart out when he’d see those commercials. It gave me the idea that that’s probably where some of proceeds from the sale of the golf balls should go is to the Humane Society to help those dogs that were so neglected” Cooper said about Davos.

So Cooper set up a stand to sell the lost golf balls back to the players at the course for 25 cents each and give the proceeds to the Animal Humane Society to give those animals a better life.

“Yesterday we had a gentlemen come back and stick $40 in there and take 40 balls. That’s a pretty good day” said Cooper.

So far, Davos and Cooper have raised an impressive $100, and Davos was kind enough to give it to a worker at the Humane Society in Golden Valley.

“That was probably the cutest donation presentation I’d ever had the pleasure of being a part of” said the worker after she received the $100 bill.

And that’s just the beginning – Davos and Al plan to play plenty more rounds of golf and go back with more donations soon.

Davos you’re such a good boy!