There’s a new calendar in the stores that’ll add a little canine sparkle to any home this year. Called ‘The Underdog Project’, it’s the brainchild of photographer Jason Kenzie and graphic designer Tania Ryan.

Featuring photographs of twelve dogs taken from their undersides, the calendar is an ingenious and novel way of viewing our furry canine companions … and some of the photos are absolutely hilarious too!

Best of all, the calendar is being sold to raise money for a very good cause indeed. Let’s take a look at the story behind this unique and unbelievably adorable calendar, and meet some of the gorgeous little furry pooches who grace its pages …

A few months ago, Tania and Jason set up the Urban Pet Gazette, a website dedicated to Vancouver’s pets. The two decided to promote the site by photographing Tania’s Beagle Rocky (pictured above). They decided to put a bit of a spin on the usual dog portrait by photographing Rocky from his underside. The result was both striking and utterly unique.