Everyone has a fear of something, whether they like to admit it or not. Usually, humans are afraid of things such as spiders, snakes, heights or small spaces. Animals, however, can be totally weirded out by some of the strangest things.

It could be just a regular object or another animal, but when a dog sees that one that that makes it’s skin crawl, you’ll know about it.

Luckily, these dogs have been photographed so the world can see how adorable they look when they’re freaked out.

1. Cardboard Tube



This dog doesn’t know what that cardboard tube thing is, nor does it want it anywhere near its face or body.

2. Duck Love



This pet cannot believe that is another animal on its territory! He thought he was their only beloved pet in the household. Hashtag defeated.

3. Birthday Candle


Perhaps its the candle, maybe the small cake or the bowl, but this dog is really unhappy about the fact that someone wants to celebrate its birthday.