Meet Otis, the earless cat who was forced to live at a shelter after his ears were removed because of cysts.

The 9-year-old kitty was deaf and living out lonely days in a shelter until Molly Lichtenwalner found him.


Molly suffers from anxiety and has always had a love for animals with disabilities, so when she met Otis, she knew they were destined to be together.

She had been on PetFinder when she noticed the white cat, who looked a bit different.

Molly was the only person who had enquired about Otis.

“When Otitis popped up, I knew he was the one.”


“I was having severe anxiety as a result of a car accident… I decided it was time for me to adopt an animal to help with my anxiety, because nothing helped me more than snuggling some furry friends.”

“I told myself that when I was ready for a cat, I would only adopt an adult cat with special needs.”

And the rest is history. Molly adopted Otis and the pair have been inseparable since.


The loving moggy helps Molly with her stress and panic attacks.

“He is my Emotional Support Animal and always snuggles me at night and when I’m very stressed or having a panic attack.”

“He is sometimes the only thing that can calm me down.”

Otis is an extremely curious cat and likes to constantly be by his owners side.


“Living with him is an absolute dream! He is the most loving, snuggly cat and he makes me feel so loved.

Despite his age, Otis is full of energy and truly a kitten at heart. His lack of ears has not held him back.

“He’s the best thing I ever did and he definitely rescued me, I didn’t rescue him.”

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