One of the downsides of our love affair with dogs is the unscrupulous breeders who keep puppies in terrible conditions.

Such was the position that Yorkie-cross Ella found herself in when the puppy farm where she lived was raided and she was found to be living in squalid conditions. Ella was seized by animal services as a result of the raid. However, that didn’t necessarily mean her future looked any rosier.

What would happen to the poor, neglected little Yorkie cross who just wanted to be loved? Well now, there’s a story!


When Hilary Sloan first set eyes on Ella, the poor little neglected pup was in a pretty bad way.


The poor little dog had a serious skin infection. She also had a wealth of other health problems and it was obvious that she had been badly neglected by her previous owner.


Indeed, the little dog was in such a bad way that the animal services center was planning to put her to sleep just two days after Hilary’s visit. Hilary knew she could never forgive herself if that happened, so decided there was only one thing she could do. She took Ella home.