Losing a pet can be one of the most heartbreaking things to ever happen – however it turns out that miracles do happen.

Back in 2009, the Montez family’s dog, Corky, went missing – but last week they received a phone call they had long given up hope of receiving.

Corky had been found and rescued a whopping 7 years after he had gone missing.

The Montez family back in 2009

[/media-credit] The Montez family back in 2009

He was taken to the Humane Society of North Texas after being picked up as a stray wandering busy streets – but thanks to his microchip, the rescuers were able to track down his owners.

“We were in shock when we got the news,” Corky’s owner, Jimmy Montez, explained. “We just couldn’t believe it.”

Of course, the Montez’s hurried to the shelter to collect their beloved pet – and that’s where their lives changed again.

Despite being lost for all of those years, Corky was not alone.

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Another tiny dog had been rescued alongside Corky, a one-eyed pup who had been aptly nicknamed Captain.

Whilst on the streets the pair had been inseparable and provided companionship for each other.

“Our hearts just melted. The minute we were told they were found together and were bonded, we knew they had to stay together,” Montez said. “It was a no-brainer.”

So not only did the Montez’s get their pet back – but they also gained a new family member as they deiced to take home Captain too.

Corky has now been at home for a week, but it’s already clear that Corky would not have been completely happy without Captain there too.

“They’re as thick as thieves. Wherever Captain goes, Corky is right there with him,” Montez said. “I think Corky had been helping him out on the streets because he’s missing an eye. He always lets him eat first and they always nap together. Corky looks after him.”

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If it wasn’t for Corky’s microchip, there was no way he would have been reconnected with the family that loved him the most.

“In our eyes, it’s truly a miracle that we were able to reunite with him,” said Montez. “And we’re honored and proud to be able to give Captain a home, too. Their little tails haven’t stopped wagging.”