When severe floodwaters engulfed China’s Shucheng county over the weekend a farmer’s 6000 pigs were left trapped in their flooded pens.

Farm manager, Li Xiaobo, broke down when he was forced to abandon his animals, leaving them to face an almost certain death.

Xiaobo was seen bidding the mass of pigs a teary farewell and was left in despair over the situation. However, just when he had given up all hope, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel…

The face of despair


This is the heartbreaking moment an emotional farmer broke down as he was forced to leave his 6000 pigs behind after floodwaters engulfed their pens.

An unimaginable decision


Li Xiaobo, can be seen hugging the animals and bidding them a teary farewell as they await their fate in neck-deep waters.