Chameleons come in all shapes and sizes. The largest measure up to twenty seven inches in length, whereas the smallest are an eye-wateringly tiny fifteen millimetres.

As is so often the case, the smaller something is, the cuter it becomes. That is certainly the case when it comes to chameleons. The smallest ones could quite possibly be one of the cutest creatures on the entire planet! We’re talking nuclear levels of cute here people.

Indeed, they’re so cute, we’re not sure we can show you them in case you have a cuteness overdose.

Oh, alright then. We’ll risk it. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are fifteen pictures of adorable baby chameleons. Be warned – the cuteness levels in this post are through the roof – Bring on the baby chameleons!

Reach out and touch me! This cute little critter is trying to span the gap between two perches to reach his adorable baby buddy. Come on, little guy – You can do it if you really try! Just … that … little … bit … further!

Well this is all levels of cute. Here a baby chameleon has rolled himself up into a tiny little ball and fallen asleep in the palm of a man’s hand. Ssssh! Nobody make a sound, this adorable little creature needs her forty winks.

This tiny little baby chameleon is so small, he fits on a person’s fingertip. Chameleons live in warm places such as rain forests and deserts, so the warm tip of this person’s finger is the perfect place to perch and keep all snuggly and warm. Good thinking, little fella.