Christmas is a magical time of year. Living rooms are festooned with decorations, Christmas trees groan under the weight of fairy lights, baubles and tinsel, and carefully-wrapped presents sit under the trees waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. It’s a familiar – and a very welcoming – sight that fills our hearts with joy.

However, to a family pet, the traditional Christmas set-up isn’t a wonder to behold. It’s a veritable playground of bright shiny things and unfamiliar objects to be ripped apart, torn to pieces, chewed upon and eaten in an orgy of destruction. They don’t mean it, of course, but when pets get down to the serious business of wrecking Christmas, they really go to town!

Here are fifteen rib-tickling examples of when beloved family pets ruined their owner’s Christmases. Bring on the festive fun!

“It wasn’t me. The cat did it, honest!” Yeah right! The guilt is written all over this cute little guy’s face. Come on, Rex, own up! We all know it was you that pulled down that Christmas tree.

“We’ve got the room looking lovely and all ready for Christmas Day. Come in and take a loo … AAAAGH!” Let’s just hope that that book this cute little tearaway’s torn up wasn’t a present for under the tree! Bad boy! Naughty boy! In your bed!

“Erm … a little help here, people?” Well now, kitty cat. You got yourself into this predicament when you pulled the carefully-prepared Christmas tree down. It’s only fair that you be the one to get yourself out of it.