When Critter Mama Rescue Inc received a phone call about five Lhasa apsis dogs, nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to witness.

The dogs’ owners asked to meet the groups founder, Robin Roberts, and several other volunteers in a parking lot as he said his landlord did not know about the dogs.

The volunteers could not believe their eyes.

Rick Chaboudy

Rick Chaboudy

Roberts runs the group that helps people who can no longer care for their beloved pets. When he first heard about the dogs, he said: “The concept of having five adoptable, well cared for Lhasas sounded fine.”

But Roberts soon found out these animals had not been cared for at all.

Roberts and volunteer Connie watched the dogs be removed from the van one by one.

Rick Chaboudy

“We gasped in horror,” Roberts said. “These creatures didn’t have faces or feet. They literally could not walk or see. The stench drifted across the parking lot and hit us hard; smelling of urine, feces and filthy dogs.”

Roberts decided to reach out to the executive director of Suncoast Animal League (SAL), Rick Chaboudy, in Palm Harbour, Florida as they had better facilities for caring for dogs with the complex needs that these ones had.

In 30 years of rescuing animals and assisting local authorities in severe handing situations, Chamboudy had never seen anything like this.

These five dogs, four girls and one boy, were the worst case of neglect he had ever seen.