Someone get this owner some perfume for her feet because this pooch just cannot take the stench! This poor pug can’t handle the stink coming from his owner’s feet and is making sure that his owner know that he’s upset! No one should have to suffer this kind of stink, but we have to admit, that his reaction is pretty hilarious!

Watch the adorable moment when Raphael the pug vocally expresses his feeling about owner’s toes in this hilarious clip. Wait until the end when he immediately retorts and leaves after being offended!

You will be amazed at the persistence of this puppy when it comes to attacking his owner’s toes! At first it comes off as play, until he kicks it into second gear and totally gets upset with his owner’s foor. This little puppy goes full attack mode against the stinky toes!

It is adorable how angry Raphael gets at the moving toes! We cannot help but wonder what is the real reason this pooch gets upset with his owner’s toes. Is it the stench? The movements? Is he being playful? Is he feeling intimidated? Or, maybe, he just wants to put on a show and get owner’s attention?

Whatever the reason for toe-chewing, this little rascal sure made for an incredible clip that was fortunately caught on camera, much to our amusement!

Have you ever experienced similar behavior in dogs? What do you think is the reason for this dog’s bizarre behavior? Does Raphael have fetish for owner’s toes?