Have you ever believed that someone was absolutely born to fulfil a certain role? Whether it’s a dancer, a chef, a mother or father, or even a husband or wife – you know that they were put on this Earth because of the talent and or passion they have for something or someone.

And that is where this kitty comes in. The moment Paf laid eyes on Tika the rescue kitten, she immediately took on the role as adoptive mom. And the story is utterly heartwarming.

Read about Tika and her new family here.

1. Tika

Tika was a very ill kitten indeed when she was adopted. She had worms and an intestinal infection. Not only that, but the vet sadly announced that she may not have very long to live.

2. Feeding Tika

Baby Tika was so sick in fact, that she was unable to eat. For that reason, the wonderful family that adopted her fed her via a syringe every two hours and gave her antibiotics.

3. Meow

After a few days, it was as if a miracle had occurred. Tika was slowly getting stronger and had the ability to eat by herself. It was then, that she began meowing incessantly for her mom.