When gorgeous Picasso was born with a twisted jaw, his future looked bleak. The poor pooch was abandoned by his breeder and continuously overlooked by adopters simply because of his looks.

Tragically, the dog was set to be put down at a Californian shelter until a kind stranger stepped in to help…

Image Source: Facebook/Luvable Dog Rescue

Image Source: Instagram/sealovey

Picasso and his brother Pablo were both born in California by backyard breeders and as you can imagine, they didn’t have the greatest start in life. Not only were there owners extremely dodgy, poor Picasso had to live with a severe facial deformity.

Image Source: Facebook/Luvable Dog Rescue

The poor pooch had a twisted jaw which meant his nose veered off in one direction and his mouth the other! This caused some of his bottom teeth to dig into the top of his mouth and others to stick out of his mouth entirely – giving him the to craziest smile!