This is Jimmy – a sweet old grandpa who was hiding something major from his wife.

He and his wife live in Puerto Rico in a neighbourhood that is renowned for it’s community of stray cats.

The couple have always had opposing opinions on the stray felines- Jimmy was happy to be hospitable to them while his wife did not want them anywhere near the house. This is how Jimmy’s secret came about.

“My grandpa felt for the stray cats and would leave food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where my grandma doesn’t go,” his granddaughter, Syl, explained. “This particular cat was especially friendly and got attached to my grandpa.”

It turns out the super friendly cat was in fact pregnant, meaning Jimmy felt even stronger towards her.

Syl wrote on Twitter: “my grandpa let a stray cat have her kittens in his tool shed and now he’s raising a bunch of cats behind my grandmas back bc she said no”

Jimmy’s wife did not like the idea of taking care of the mom-to-be cat, so said he couldn’t – but he went and did it anyway.

Jimmy actually secretly made the kittens a home in his shed so his wife wouldn’t find it.

After the kittens were born, Jimmy was happy with the kittens and it was like having grandchildren all over again- but his wife continued to be blissfully unaware that they were anywhere near her home.

Jimmy’s granddaughter was not surprised by her grandpa’s kindness.

“My grandpa is really kind and has always loved animals,” she said. “So it’s not really that surprising.”

But despite trying really hard, Jimmy was not able to keep the feline family hidden from his wife much longer.

Three weeks after the kittens were born his wife found out and while she wasn’t entirely happy that her husband had transformed part of her house into a cat sanctuary, she was understanding.

“She’s okay with them staying there until they’re old enough to have new homes,” Syl said.

Jimmy will continue care for the kittens and their mother until they are old enough and big enough to go into good homes!