It isn’t often that humans get to interact with wild animals in their natural habitat, but when they do it is truly magical.

Due to the celebrations of Holiday weekend, the firefighters of Kittitas County were out on call to tackle a wildfire. After they had put out the blaze, however, an unexpected guest wandered over to thank them for all their hard work.

This visitor actually turned out to be a wild elk, known as Buttons to locals in Kittitas County, Washington state. The poor animal was orphaned when she was a baby and resides with cows and goats on a hills but she was confident enough to greet her saviours and gave them all the nuzzling of their lives.

elk 3

Richelle Risdon, a spokeswoman from the Fire District, stated that she turned up to the scene to see the wild elk resting her head on the staff’s shoulders which must have been an incredible moment.

She was even able to sneakily take some photos of Buttons bonding with her team and uploaded them to the fire district’s Facebook page.

ELK_NUZZLES_FIREFIGHTERS_LA107-2016JUL05_231717_503.jpg elk 2

Richelle hopes that doing this will deter hunters seeing as Buttons is practically a local celebrity!