They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and this heartwarming story just cements that belief even further.

Pc Marc Richardson of North Yorkshire Police had been on leave for two weeks and upon his return, his police dog Dutch couldn’t have been happier.

After spotting his handler, Dutch runs up to Richardson and jumps up into his arms with pure love.

Letting out a joyful bark, the dog almost bowls the officer over in the display of affection.

Having worked together for five years, they have developed an incredibly strong bond with one another and clearly any time apart is too much for this loving canine.

The police force proceeded to post a video of the reunion on their Facebook page and it has since been viewed over 19,000 times and has had over 1000 reactions.

Captioning the video ‘That moment when dogs and handler see each other for the first time in two weeks… Watch what happened when PC Marc Richardson came back from leave to pick up PD Dutch and PD Bailey.’

Facebook users have been commenting on the footage, with one person writing “Can’t help but love this kind of bond”.

While another said “There is nothing like doggie love. Thank you for sharing, this is lovely to behold. Trust and love.”

It’s not just dutch that has a lot of love for the Richardson, with his furry friend Bailey also clearly very happy to see his favourite officer back.