The ultimate battle between two nations was caught on camera as an American bald eagle decided to take on a Canada goose.

When the eagle decided to target the solitary goose it presumed it would be an easy victory – however, it couldn’t have been more wrong.

Photographer Lisa Bell was lucky enough to witness this fight of a lifetime between the two birds and captured it all on camera.

Whether you like baseball or hockey, french fries or poutine, be weary about which team you support in this instance because your predictions are probably going to be wrong.

Rest assured, both parties make it out alive – but only one of them came out victorious.

Find out whether it was team USA or Canada in the gallery below and watch the entire event unfold in the video on the final page.

American Bald Eagle vs Canada Goose

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In theory this should have been a straight forward victory for the eagle, but the Canada goose clearly had more fight left in him than expected.

America vs Canada


Amusingly, the two scrappy birds were a great depiction of the light-hearted rivalry between America and Canada.