They say that a mothers love knows no bounds and this tale of a rat taking on a snake to save her baby only reinforces this theory even more.

When she sees her child in the jaws of a snake, a rat decided to risk her own life and take on a snake almost five times her size.

Thankfully, a passerby caught this nail biting action on camera and shared it with the rest of the world for us all to enjoy.

Unsurprisingly the footage, which was posted on Facebook, has now reached over 50,000 likes and 2,000 comments.


When the serpent started to slither off with the tiny baby in its jaws, it seemed as though the youngster was doomed.

But, then the baby’s mom started biting the snakes tail and miraculously the predator became intimidated.

To everyone’s amazement, the snake then dropped the baby rat and creeped away with an empty stomach.

As if this wasn’t enough drama for one day, the baby then almost got run over by a car!

Thankfully, the youngster escaped both near death experiences with just mental scars to show for these harrowing ordeals.

The brave mother then triumphantly picked up her child in her mouth and took the pair to safety.

To watch the emotional moment this protective mother triumphed over a deadly snake, watch the incident unfold for yourself in the video below.


Mother Rat Takes On Snake To Save Baby