Reddit user dangerm0use was out one day hiking in the National Park with her husband and dad when they stumbled upon something which completely changed their day.

As they were walking, they spotted something unusual in a creek and after a closer inspection they realised a helpless dog was stuck.

When they set out that day, they didn’t realise they would end up saving a life.



Imgur/ dangerm0use

“My husband and I took my dad to see some rock pools in a fairly secluded section of Queensland’s Mt Glorious National Park,” dangerm0use wrote.

“As we walked along the creek bed, we noticed a disturbance in one of the deep pools ahead. Thinking it might be a roo or a platypus, we approached quietly, only to see this forlorn little face looking back. It was honestly the saddest sight”.

It was a dog. The walking party decided to approach with caution. They had no idea if it was injured or aggressive. 



Imgur/ dangerm0use

However there was one thing that was clear, the pup was here by himself. There was no owner in sight. The dog was stuck in the freezing cold water and there was no telling how long it’d been here.



Imgur/ dangerm0use

Upon getting closer to the dog, it wasn’t clear whether it was wild or domestic. But either way, the group knew they had to have a go at rescuing it.