Urban foxes are getting cheekier and cheekier: stealing items from gardens, rooting through bins and causing a racket at ungodly hours – but this London-born fox definitely takes the top spot.

An unnamed family from the Grove Park, south east London area became concerned when they woke up to find a random shoe left near their back door and their nine-year-old son’s Playstation 3 controller lying on the grass.

Seeing as this isn’t where the family had left those items, they knew that they were faced with an intruder.

To work out who exactly had been in the house, they checked their security cameras and whilst they were expecting a human burglar to show up, they were in fact, greeted by a mischievous fox strolling around their home.

The footage showed the sly fox sneaking in through the back door and wander through the hallway whilst the family were in the next room!

fox 1

The homeowners were clearly shocked by the whole situation, stating:

“You can see him walking around the house like he owns the place.fox 2

We just couldn’t believe it. We can’t believe a fox just came into our house.

He picked up the controller, looked around the study, went outside and dumped the controller on the grass, then he came back in through a different window.

fox 3

He is around here quite a lot – I left a pair of crocs in the garden and he took them and chewed the straps.

We have never seen him coming near the property, but he must have been inside before.”

Take a look at the footage for yourself, this fox is the slyest of them all:

The 43-year-old family man hopes that the footage will be a warning to fellow home owners about urban foxes.

Although it’s definitely not nice having your personal items tampered with, we think that the poor thing is getting a lot of bad press and only wanted a game of FIFA!