A helpless marine turtle is the most recent animal to become victim to today’s selfie culture.

The turtle was minding his own business when he was dragged out of the Mediterranean sea by tourists in a bid for them to get the perfect shot with the usually unseen animal.


Not only was the shelled animal forced out of the the sea at Havana Beach in Beirut, Lebanon – he was also stepped on and repeatedly beaten.

Shocking photographs show a little boy being forced to stand on the animal, much to both of their disapprovals.

turtle 1

Fortunately, within the ignorant crowd that had gathered to see the turtle, there was a handful of kind souls who stepped in to get him to safety.

Luckily the heroes arrived just in time and the took the turtle to the Animals Lebanon organisation – where he is now recovering in a rehabilitation pool set up by the rescue.


The turtle has a very evident spot on his skull, the very top of his head, where he has been hit,” Jason Mier, executive director of Animals Lebanon, said.

“All that can be done is to give the antibiotics to help fight off any possible infection while [the wound] is still new and [has] time to heal,” he explained.

When the turtle fully recovers, he will be released back into the sea.

This is one of many stories where animals have been taken from their homes for a photo opportunity. Earlier this year a dolphin was pulled from the sea and passed around a crowd.

It’s saddening to see such disregard for animals and their natural habitats, and to make matters even worse, it is causing several unnecessary deaths in the wild.