The wild wild world outside our door is full of wonders. You can’t predict someone’s actions any more than you can predict the weather. It just doesn’t happen. The inner workings of the mind are off limits to us humans, and this applies to anything walking and breathing on this earth. It’s hard to find out what their intentions are and we just have to follow our instincts and hope we’re right.

Here we have quite a peculiar situation of a cat meeting a huge moose. Not eye to eye of course, this moose is well about his business and its more then obvious that he is just passing by. After all these people live somewhere deep within the country woods where these animals tend to be. Never the less as this moose passes by, the cat is automatically into survival mode and take as low to the porch as possible.

The moose however doesn’t even seem to notice the cat nor the owner that is filming the situation. Never the less the cat has quite the reaction to this very large “creature” and we frankly believe it is camouflaging itself.

A very concerned cat starts to make a move at a young moose passing by. This cat knows ether knows no fear or no consequences!