A pet cat will always be remembered by it’s owner, however very few cats are remembered by the whole world.

Well meet Tombili, the neighbourhood cat who captured hearts from around the globe and made such an impact in Istanbul that he will now be known forever.

Tombili rose to fame when a tourist shared a photo of him relaxing on the streets of Istanbul, without a care in the world.

Like a lot of adorable animals, Tombili became an internet sensation and more well known in the streets that he roamed, with no one ever knowing whether he had a home or not.

His relaxed demeanour and well fed stature captivated everyone who came across him in person or via the famous photo. There is no doubt that he was well loved, and knew his way to find affection from his human friends.

When more tourists began visiting the laid-back kitty, he was always happy to give his signature pose for photographs.

Sadly, Tombili’s fame came towards the end of his life and after becomming ill earlier in the summer, he sadly passed away in August from an unknown illness.

But it wasn’t long until the people of Istanbul began to miss the beloved kitty and a make-shift memorial was posted in his favourite resting spot.

It read: “You will live in our hearts. Mascot of our street, beloved TOMBILI lost his struggle for life after a month and closed his eyes to life on first of August.”

However the people that knew him best felt that this was not enough for such a wonderful cat.

After his death, a petition was launched calling on the city to create a statue in his memory.

It gained more than 17,000 signatures and the plan was approved — and soon enough, the cool cat was back to his old ways, in spirit at least.

The bronze statue was officially unveiled on October 4th to coincide with World Animal Day and gained a warm welcome from both human and feline fans.

What a great way to remember Tombili!