Before euthanising the puppies, the shelter staff sent an email to volunteers to see if anyone would be willing to adopt them and take them on, despite their health issues.

As soon as Sandra McGlynn, founder of Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts, got the email, she knew she had to help.

“To see them really struggling in the pictures that were taken at the shelter really broke my heart,” Sandra explained.

However there was one major obstacle in the way of Sandra and the puppies – money.


Her rescue group was already struggling financially and she wasn’t sure she could afford the puppies’ medical bills, so she set up an online fundraising campaign to see if that could help.

Somehow Sandra managed to raise the funds as well as meeting the woman, named Jannette Van Brakel, who could potentially change the pups’ lives for good.

“Jannette was the first one to offer a pledge for their rescue,” Sandra said. “That night I had a talk with Jannette, and she told me that she’d be willing to foster them and help rehabilitate them if I pulled them through.”