Last week Ashley Shields was shocked when she found a wedding invitation in her mailbox.

It turned out her own cat, Pedro, was set to marry Silver, a cat that belonged to her 11-year-old neighbour Brady.

The 33-year-old was shocked, but happy for her feline.

Carley Johnson

“You are invited!” the invitation said. “Silver will be marrying Pedro. There will be tuna cake and Silver and Pedro [is] going to be dressed up nicely. But if you do come, you do not have to dress up nicely, but you can if you want.”

The romance between the two cats started a few years ago and ever since they’ve been inseparable.

The cats frequently canoodle with one another outside according to Carley Johnson, Shields’ friend.

“He’d seen them hang out a lot, and he was like, ‘I’m not really sure what they’re doing, but I felt that since they hang out so much, it was probably time they get married,'” Johnson said.

Carley Johnson

Johnson think that Pedro is just ready to get serious. “Pedro is probably just tired of the game and ready to settle down,” she said.

Everyone helped to two cats get ready for their big day. Shields and her daughters set up the dining room and made it suitable for a ceremony.

Two days later the cats’ big day finally arrived.

Pedro wore a bowtie, Silver had a handmade veil and Johnson baked the tuna cakes that were promised on the invite.

Carley Johnson

Just like all blushing brides, Silver really enjoyed the attention.”Silver seemed kind of excited to be all dressed up and fancy,” Johnson said.

However Pedro was a bit reluctant to begin with.

Carley Johnson

“He got cold feet in the beginning, and we had to kind of give them their tuna cakes early so they would stay in place for the vows and the ceremony was officiated,” Johnson said.

Shields is actually authorised to officiate weddings in the state of Iowa so that made her to perfect choice to conduct the wedding.

Carley Johnson

“She gave a description of how the cats met, and talked about how the cats feel about each other, and then she did the ‘me-vows’ she had written for both Pedro and Silver,” Johnson said.

After the ceremony all of the guests drank champagne and ate cake while the bride and groom sat around in true cat style.

“It was pretty much your typical reception,” Johnson said.

The cats are now happily married and while no one is sure how long cat marriages last, everyone is rooting for them!

“Whether or not they stay married, they do seem rather crazy for each other considering the time they spend together,” Johnson said. “I think cat friendship lasts forever.”