When someone you love goes away, it’s hard not to miss them. Long distance is even worse for dogs as they don’t understand the concept of time or why you can’t be with them all day long.

So when Millie the pup’s dad had to leave her for an extended period of time on a business trip, she didn’t know what to do with herself. In fact, Millie missed her best friend so much that she fell into a state of depression, and seemingly nothing would make her feel better until he returned.

His daughter Carolann was in charge of looking after Millie whilst her dad was away. She did everything she could to make her feel better, but said that her dad is “the only person Millie gets genuinely excited about seeing.”

Apparently “whenever someone came into the house she seemed disappointed that it wasn’t him. I caught her sneaking around to the front of the house to sniff his car a couple of times too.” Millie was becoming withdrawn and had stopped eating.

Carolann showered Millie with extra love and attention, gave her treats and took her on walks, yet nothing was working. She even put her dad on speakerphone so Millie could hear his voice, but her attempts were unsuccessful at lifting the dog’s spirits. Unless Carolann came up with something extraordinary, Millie wouldn’t be her usual happy self until her owner returned.

That’s when Carolann had a great idea – if it’s her dad that Millie wanted to see, that’s exactly what she’d get.

Carolann printed and laminated a couple of family favourite photos of her dad’s face and attached them to two of her sister’s old toys. “I thought it would be a funny alternative to print his face off, laminate it and attach it to something,” she said. “My sister’s old room is full of toys so I figured those would be the best option.”

They might look a little strange, but they worked like a charm. “Millie absolutely loves them,” said Carolann. “After sniffing them and playing around a bit she took them to her basket and rested her head on one of them. She definitely looked a lot happier than she has been.”

Millie might have a little while longer to wait until her best friend is actually home, but we’re glad she’s back to her old happy self.